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Plan to join us as we continue to provide cures for the common business networking event!

Pagoda Business Network Bringing a New and Different Experience in Reading/Berks County Networking

Your Networking Beacon for Better Business Relationships

Our mission is to provide professional assistance and offer opportunities for business’ to interact through local frequent interactions. We encourage members to bring their expertise to the table and help one another with their business needs and expand their skills for doing business.

Pagoda Business Network is a professional business group doing business in the Greater Reading Berks area; some members come from a distance to help impact business being done through this group. We propose that PBN will help individuals and businesses grow through referrals and connections made at local events & mixers. Our events are to help individuals and businesses gain insights into services and resources that can further their individual or business experience. Our mixers are meant to be fun and encourage others to meet new clients, employers/employees and promote professional success.

Pagoda Business Network was started by 3 veteran Great Reading Chamber Ambassadors; David Green, Marie Smith & Tim Stover.

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5 Tips for Making Small Talk

5 Tips for Making Small Talk

If you or someone you know is apprehensive about attending a networking function, it could be because he or she – or you – are shy or introverted by nature. The idea of small talk can be intimidating, and it’s an important skill to have when it comes to meeting new...

Setting Networking Goals for the New Year

Setting Networking Goals for the New Year

Resolutions are often seen in a negative light nowadays, but goals are always on trend, year-round. Heading into a new year and new decade, here are some to consider if you’re looking to stay on top of your networking game. Make the most of technology. Don’t fear it;...

Be Thankful for Your Networking Connections

Be Thankful for Your Networking Connections

When you first set out your networking plan, or attended your first networking event, you surely had a goal – or several – in mind. Perhaps it was to meet new people. Perhaps it was to grow your business. It may have been both! Whether you’ve made one, or two, or two...

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