Do you remember why you signed up for a networking group or event?

What was your primary motivation? Or have you been thinking about dipping your toes in the networking pool but haven’t put your swimsuit on yet?

Now’s the time to start – or restart – for that matter.

Are you making the most of your networking opportunities? If you need to refocus on what you want from your networking experience, put yourself through a bit of an interview and ask yourself what you’re looking to achieve and how you can go about doing just that.

Don’t Procrastinate. Similar to many life and career changes, you have to make a firm commitment to putting in time to reap the rewards of networking opportunities. The longer you put it off, the longer it will take for you to see results. Know yourself and be realistic in your goal setting. If you can only make one networking function per month work for you, plan for that; be there and re-evaluate over time.

Get your Ducks in a Row. As you’re interviewing yourself about your networking goals, get your brand in order, too. Take the time to update your LinkedIn profile; be sure your resume is polished, and that your social media platforms are professional. That way, when someone you’ve connected with is ready to “look you up” you are presenting yourself in the best way possible from all angles.

Think Outside the Box. Networking doesn’t have to be a meeting at the same monthly location with the same people, doing the same thing and pitching your business and yourself each and every time. If you feel burnt out in that cycle, look for a group that mixes things up a bit more to your liking – perhaps one that volunteers its time in the community, or one that takes in a local sports game.

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