One of the many benefits of establishing a strong network is being able to rely on it for referrals.

You might look for a referral when it comes to negotiating an aspect of your career or when looking to climb the ranks within your profession, or for when you’re hoping to help out in your community, or maybe even when hunting for a reliable professional for a home repair. Know a good plumber anyone?

People are often happy to help by making referrals should they know of someone or something that fits the bill. It’s what you end up doing with the information that really counts.

Act with courtesy

Should someone take the time to help you make a needed connection, first, thank him or her. Next, be sure to follow through and contact the reference promptly. It’s likely that your contact informed the person he or she referred that they have offered up their information, so it could be awkward for them if you don’t reach out. You’re not required to hire someone or seal the deal per say, but you absolutely should look to learn more if you’ve made the inquiry to begin with.

Not following through reflects poorly on both you, and the person who providing you the reference. If you drop the ball, others will surely get word and will be less likely to want to lend you a hand in the future. Courtesy is key.

Nurture and grow

When you treat your referral information with care and respect and as the asset it can be, you’ll see an added bonus: your network will grow! You’ll gain contacts that you can also continue to share. It’s really the gift that can keep on giving. So, get out there and network respectfully and responsibly!

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