During difficult times especially, looking on the bright side can be difficult.

When you’re feeling down – be it for personal or professional reasons or something else altogether – having a source of inspiration can feel like a lifesaver.

Where do you go to find it though? The answer is different for every person. Do some soul searching and consider the below sources to find which is a fit for you.


That’s right. You can inspire yourself. Sometimes we’re just overwhelmed, and we need an outlet where we can just pour everything out. While that could come in the form of talking to a friend or loved one, it could also be by unloading your thoughts through a pen onto paper. Don’t take it to seriously or stress over what you have to write or say, just let your thoughts flow. You just may find the relief – and then inspiration – you’ve been searching for.

Notable Figures

Are there well-known business people, politicians or even celebrities you find yourself admiring or holding in high regard? If the answer is “yes,” do a bit of research to see if he or she has written a book you might invest in reading. Even interviews in magazines and such can be worthwhile reads. Some to consider include: American author, speaker, and pastor John C. Maxwell, host of “Minute with Maxwell” (www.johnmaxwell.com); Indian-born American author, alternative medicine advocate and a prominent figure in the New Age movement, Deepak Chopra (www.deepakchopra.com); or Rachel Hollis, a motivation speaker, blogger, and author of the self-help bestseller “Girl, Wash Your Face.”


If you’re an audio person versus a reader or a writer, a podcast might be a better fit for you. Check out “Inspire Nation” (inspirenationshow.com) by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, aimed at helping you to become healthier, more successful and happier. Another good one is “The Art of Charm” (theartofcharm.com/podcast) by AJ and Jordan Harbinger. It brings together professionals, coaches, professors, and more to share advice and stories focused on aiding how you think, perform, and network.

Regardless of the source, we could all use a dash of inspiration in our everyday lives. And remember to stay positive – you just may be a source of inspiration for others.