Feel like you’re stalled when it comes to moving your business forward?

What might propel you toward progress could be working with like-minded individuals. How do you meet these people that can help serve as inspiration? Networking events – be them in-person or even virtual – are a great place to start.

Complementary Missions

Be strategic when you decide to enter into a partnership with another business. When you find a perfect fit, it will likely be with a complementary venture allowing you to cross-promote, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that can open doors to new markets, customers, products, and resources, too.

Say, for example, you run a wedding reception venue. An ideal way to increase business could be to seek out preferred vendors to work with. Think caterers, florists, musicians, disc jockeys, photographers, bakers, bridal shops, invitation designers and suppliers, rental equipment companies, and more. Who are the strategic partners that could complement your business venture? How can working together be positive for both of you?

Plan Ahead

Before you jump into a partnership or seek out like-minded individuals to work with, be sure to do a self-assessment of your business. What are your brand values? You’ll want to work with individuals who align well with them. Who is your target customer? Look to work with someone with a similar customer base, or at least a complementary one. Think about why you want to enter into a partnership. What are your goals? Also, assess your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you convey what you and your business bring to the table when it comes to working on a partnership effort.

How to Connect

Where do you find like-minded business partners to work with? It’s an effort that takes time if it’s going to be done correctly and successfully. Meeting people through networking groups is a start. Also, make sure you have a strong social media presence and that you’re active and professional. Are you on LinkedIn? Is your company graphic/visual in nature and are you on Instagram? Figure out where you should be and get there!

Come network with us! Learn more about Pagoda Business Network online at pagodabusinessassociation.com. We hope to see everyone in person, soon!