While we’d argue you should always show gratitude – personally and in business dealings – Thanksgiving is a time when the sentiment really comes to mind.

Looking for some ways to show you’re thankful beyond saying it with words? Here are some ideas we hope to spur you to action…

  1. Recognize People for their Accomplishments. You may be more thankful than ever if you’re a businessperson with loyal, enthusiastic employees as many are facing a staffing shortage. Be sure to acknowledge them. Treat them to a meal; give monetary bonuses if you can; offer an extra day or two of vacation. Make them feel special and let them know you care.
  2. Thank Customers. Being in business has been hard, and aside from having a great staff, what’s likely helped many through has been the support of loyal customers and clientele. Ways you can tell them you appreciate them include offering VIP specials, by sending cards of appreciation and having dedicated events and giveaways.
  3. Keep a Positive Outlook. It’s easy to get down on things. Living through a pandemic is, suffice it to say, a challenge. Task yourself with keeping your own morale up, and it can surely rub off on others around you. Perhaps you can sign up for a daily affirmation quote that’s sent your way to help you start in the positive reflection process. A good attitude can be contagious, too.
  4. Respect People’s Time. We’ve recently come to learn that staying flexible can be invaluable. With children having to do virtual school on a whim, with families needing to care for loved ones at home and the like, be sure to give others grace. Grace is gratitude, and you’ll surely receive thankfulness from the recipient of it.
  5. Lend a Hand. There are countless ways we can help causes and individuals in our communities, both as a business and as individuals. Consider setting up a food or clothing drive, donating blood, collecting toys for families in need this holiday season, or serving a meal at a shelter. You might even keep it closer to home by lending a hand to a neighbor in need. Shovel for someone who isn’t physically able to do so this winter. Offer to walk a friend’s dog while they take a trip away for the day. Drop off a meal for friends who are busy and strapped for time. Pay it forward and foot the bill for the car in back of you at the fast food drive-thru. Be kind to both those you know, and to strangers.

There’s no shortage of things to be thankful for in life now, and always. Let’s keep the joy alive by being our best selves.

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