You can work and network and reap benefits, but if you don’t add some downtime for self-care, you may do yourself a disservice and face burnout. Be it booking a massage, reading a few pages of a book for fun, going to a movie, or taking a nature walk, be sure to enjoy some YOU time. The benefits can be as great as the time itself. Here are just a few…

  • Lower cortisol levels
  • Happier relationships
  • Improved focus
  • Better sleep and digestion
  • An improved immune response
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved productivity
  • More positive thinking
  • Less risk of depression and anxiety
  • Improved resilience

Making a Self-Care Plan

Have you never set out to intentionally care for your own personal needs? You may be at a loss for where to start. A plan can help.

First, set aside the time to think about yourself. How are you feeling? What do you need? What do you enjoy? See if you can uncover things that are causing you stress or anxiety and think about what things you might be able to do to counteract those feelings. Becoming more in tune with yourself, your triggers and your relief points can be a wonderful way to move forward in a positive direction.

Self-Care During the Workday

Aside from taking a scheduled vacation or personal day off here and there, you may find that you would benefit from working some self-care into your daily work schedule. Do you start at 9 am and work straight through, finding you’ve forgotten to eat lunch or even grab a drink? If you answered “yes,” then these tips are for you…

  1. Check-in. Put stop times in your daily agenda. Take notice of when you start to feel tired, stressed, or in need of a break. Try to catch yourself before you reach those points.
  2. Physical notes. Do you feel muscle tension or tightness? Are you holding your breath? Are you gripping things more tightly? These are stress responses that signal you may need a break.
  3. Give yourself grace. Let yourself have moments of privacy. Go outside for fresh air, stop to take some deep breaths, or do some stretching.

Once you start allowing yourself to regularly practice self-care, you’ll find the benefits can be never-ending.

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