Ah, summer. If you’re a parent, you may have children on break. And you may be jealous. And if you’re an employer, it can seem like those working for you are longing for scheduled vacations in the sunshine and lacking motivation at times. How do you get it going? We’ve got some tips to try.

  1. Build Trust & Connection. Bring everyone together to engage in shared activities and brainstorming sessions versus singling out top performers and those who are typically more vocal. Remember, your team is sure to have some introverts among the extroverts.
  2. Ask Questions. Feel like someone isn’t engaged at work? Ask him or her about it in private. You don’t have to dig for personal information, but by checking in you may get someone to open up about something impacting their work where you can make a meaningful change. Try to tie the conversation to a work activity where you noticed he or she was a bit quieter than usual.
  3. Collaborate Daily. Keep at having co-workers work together on something on a regular basis. Doing so builds bonds and helps them to feel like they are valued and a part of something bigger.
  4. Meaningful Meetings. Don’t just speak to your employees when you need to conduct a meeting. Give them something to contribute. For example, ask them to shout out another co-worker at the beginning or end of the session. Give them the heads up that you’ll be doing this so they can give their response some thought versus feeling like you’re putting them on the spot.
  5. Welcome Feedback. Let your team members know that they can reach out in whatever way they are comfortable: in-person, via email, with an anonymous hotline, etc. A blind survey emailed now and then may allow them to open up about any ideas they may have when they feel like the spotlight isn’t on them.
  6. Offer Incentives. Who doesn’t love to be rewarded? Just be sure you’re incentivizing hard work in a manner that’s seen as showing respect to those earning it. Maybe members of the team can achieve extra vacation time or earn summer Fridays (leaving at 2 p.m. during the weeks of summer), free lunches, and the like.

Have a unique way you motivate your work team? We’d love to hear it!

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