In 2017 networking is a way of life! No matter what you do for a living, what charity you want to support etc., you use networking.

Maybe you don’t call it networking but how many times have you opened Facebook and in the “What’s on your mind” box you type…”Can anyone tell me who to call for a plumber?” or “Where do you get the best steak in the area?” These questions are lead ins to your NETWORK. Your Facebook is an online Networking group and maybe you just didn’t think of it that way. So if you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Alignable or any other online social site you are Networking.

Social networks are great but make sure you are out meeting people face to face. Your network is stronger when you personally know the individual you are asking for a referral. When you meet someone new, online, it’s best to see if you can meet them for a quick coffee or lunch to get to know them better. You will give better and get better referrals from your connection since you will know more about them then what you see online.

So now that you know you use Networking in every facet of your life, how do you LIGHT IT UP?