You know the whole “the proof is in the pudding” phrase?

When it comes to why individuals join networking groups the reasons are, well, individual. But Pagoda Business Network is unanimously regarded by its members as effective, unique and entertaining.

Kim Chilton of PartyMasterz Productions was attracted to the variety of networking opportunities the group offers, and because she was looking to expand her business connections and learn from other small business owners.

Chilton explains, “It’s not just a business card collection game [at Pagoda Business Network functions]. New people attend all the time, and it’s fun and friendly.”

It’s that fun and friendly nature that keeps Christina Krueger, Marketing & Community Relations Manager for The Children’s Home of Reading coming back. An added bonus? It’s helped her in her professional life, too. She asserts, “I have met numerous people who have been a great connection for The Children’s Home of Reading.”

Heather Uczynski, a business psychologist and executive coach with Leading Edge Business Consulting, appreciates that networking functions put on by PBN keep her on her toes and help her grow, which can be especially difficult when you work solo much of the time.

She says, “It helps me to practice telling people about my business and is a fun way to increase my social interactions as a sole proprietor.” She also likes the uniqueness of the group’s meetings. “Pagoda is different because Marie, David (and the others) are more creative in their approach, which makes for more meaningful interactions between members,” says Uczynski. “I also enjoy going to different area restaurants each month.” After all, networking is businesses supporting businesses, right?

Intrigued? What are you waiting for? Pagoda’s members are friendly and are happy to welcome new members. The next networking lunch is planned for Feb. 28 at 11:30am at The Hitching Post Restaurant, 2747 Bernville Rd., Leesport. Sign up online at