You love that person you know you can rely on if you need a reference for someone in a particular field or specialty.

He or she just seems to know everyone and happily and easily offers up quality resources. Want to be known in the same way? Read on…

Start with Networking

That’s right. If you want to be regarded as a resource, the first stage in the process is meeting and getting to know more people, and what they do and love, yourself. Find a networking group you’re comfortable with and set a goal to meet a few people at each outing.

Besides traditional networking functions, you may also connect and meet people through other activities like volunteer work, by serving on boards and committees, or even at fun local events like concerts, festivals and more. Keep abreast of area happenings and be open to the possibilities!

Be Responsible with Sharing

When you’re a known resource, you want to be sure to be a reliable one as well. You should stay in touch with your contacts and know what’s going on with them professionally – even personally – before making recommendations to others. You will want to share accurate information, of course. You’ll also want to touch base with the person you may have referred another individual reach out to, making him or her aware of the possible connection, so all parties are informed.

Reap the Benefits

When you’re able to help facilitate meaningful connections, people will remember how you helped them and your personal network will continue to grow. You become an increasingly valuable resource when people are looking to connect, for input on a variety of topics, and more. You remain visible in your area network, which is always a good thing.