When summer creeps up on us, it can be a bit more difficult to stick to a routine of attending networking functions.

The kids are out of school. There are trips to the beach to be had, family and friends to travel to see. It’s why many groups take a “break” for a few months. And now with the COVID-19 pandemic thrown into the mix, networking may seem like a nearly impossible task.

But It’s not. Here are some ideas for how to keep in touch with current connections and how to meet new ones during the sometimes-distracting warmer weather…

Try Something New. Still feel the need to connect with others and to expand your professional or personal network? Even if your regular networking group is on a break, there are others to be discovered. Ask around for suggestions. Even in the midst of a pandemic, there are Zoom networking functions, Facebook groups to join and more.

Plan a Socially-Distanced Get-Together. Want to meet up with some networking friends but still obey the six-foot rule of COVID-19? Put on your mask and hold a backyard picnic. Have everyone pack a lunch; keep your group small; bring your lawn chairs, masks and spread out at a park or even in your backyard.

Join a Committee. Nonprofit organizations need help now more than ever. You can likely join a committee organization and participate in meetings and planning virtually for the group itself or even, more specifically, to help organize a fundraiser to benefit a cause close to your heart.

Make Time for Fun. Love sports? A good, competitive game night? Just because you can’t meet at the local bar to watch the game or for a trivia night challenge doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Not all networking has to be super-serious either. Check out multiplayer smartphone apps like “Scrabble GO,” “Houseparty,” and “QuizUp.” If you’re a sports fan, you might want to work on a plan for a Fantasy Football league.

So, get out there and have fun!

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