Are you experienced in networking through attending events?

If you answered “yes,” you may be thinking about moving on to host one of your own. What do you need to keep in mind to do it successfully? Heed these six tips…

  1. Keep Your Focus Narrow. Choose a topic or single guest speaker and keep things simple. When you get bogged down in too many details, guests are more scattered and so is conversation and getting-to-know you time.
  2. Consider Your Event Type. Do you want to keep things small and hyper-focused? Perhaps a luncheon at a small restaurant is best. Is this going to be something more focused on fun, community and first meetings? Plan a group outing centered at an event like a local baseball game.
  3. Communicate Up Front. Be sure you invite those you’d like to attend, ask for RSVPs and tell those who may join in what they can expect from the experience. Will there be lunch? Will there be a speaker? Is there a theme or topic? Share as many details as possible.
  4. Meet Every Guest. As host or hostess, be sure to meet and greet every attendee upon his or her arrival. Introduce yourself and give them a rundown of what is planned and perhaps even introduce them to others who have already arrived.
  5. Hold Their Interest. Consider how you will keep all those who have RSVP’d interested right up until it’s time to leave. Will there be a giveaway at the end of the event? Will they get departing gift bags? Keep it fun as well as informative.
  6. Follow Up. Want to know how you did? You should follow up with all attendees to thank them for coming. Making a personal contact is great, and you could also send an anonymous response survey that would allow them to give candid responses regarding what they enjoyed and where you could make improvements in the future.

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