As we kick off 2022, now is a great time to evaluate just how we’re doing business and how some self-assessment and tweaking may benefit our bottom lines.

Here are some points to consider…

  1. Look inward. Have you identified your strengths and your weaknesses of late? They can be ever-changing. Be sure to leverage your strengths and to work to address those weaknesses and to improve on them. Perhaps you could invest in an online course to help!
  2. Tweak your team. Do you love the people you’re working with? If not, it may be time to have some talks or to make some changes. Your work environment should be a positive one.
  3. Product pride. Ask yourself if you’re producing the best product possible for your customers or clients. If there is room for improvement, formulate a plan for making it happen, step by step.
  4. Seek opportunities. Are you looking for new clients? Cost savings? Be sure that your eyes are open for opportunities that you can capitalize on at all times. They’re always there if you’re open to finding them.
  5. Evaluate costs. Are you selling yourself short? Review your services and products and be sure that you’re pricing them in a way that is fair to you, as well as your customer.
  6. Dot your I’s and Cross your T’s. Review contracts and other like documents to be sure your terms and legal notifications are updated and reflect your business at present.
  7. Keep researching. Do you know what your competitors are doing and offering? This should be an ongoing task you keep up with.
  8. Promote, promote, promote. Do you have a marketing plan and are you consistent in implementing it? It’s crucial to stay in front of your clients and customers and to communicate clearly and effectively.
  9. Be professional. Remember to do business and to communicate with class. Also remember to keep your personal opinions to yourself and to not let them intermix with your professional, business messaging. Consider what your social media presence is saying. Is your personal account separate and private? You may want it to be.
  10. Stay visible. Whether it be through in-person networking events or through virtual, electronic or telephone connecting, reaching out is important.

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