Looking to take to the web to expand your professional network? There’s a place for that.

It’s not Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You’ll want to set up a profile on LinkedIn, the top professional social platform for career networking.

Did you know that at the close of 2018, LinkedIn had more than a half-billion members in more than 200 countries, including executives from all Fortune 500 companies? Individuals take to LinkedIn for professional networking, connecting and job searching, while companies often utilize it for sharing news and for recruiting new employees.

Maximizing Your Profile

Once you sign up for your account, you’ll create a professional profile and upload a profile photo. This should not be a duplication of your Facebook information. Think job resume. Share your professional accomplishments and experience, and put your best face forward, just as you would when attending a job interview. Make sure your photo’s background is clean, and that your outfit and appearance is sleek and put-together.

Target your Summary

When crafting your profile summary, keep your goal in using the professional social network top of mind. Job hunting? Share your accomplishments, what makes your qualifications unique and why any company would benefit by hiring you! Be sure to inject some personality, too. You don’t want to be too casual, but also don’t want to come off as stiff and less than memorable. Stick to about three to five paragraphs, per the company’s recommendation.

Stay Relevant

Once you’ve set up your profile and you begin connecting with other professionals, don’t forget to revisit and update your information every now and then. Keep things current and fresh.

Another great way to boost your profile is by asking for recommendations. Want others to know about your success? Volunteer efforts? Ask someone familiar with your work to give you a recommendation that you can post publicly. You can also ask others to endorse you for having a particular skill set. As we all know, positive word-of-mouth can go a long way!

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