Can you give a clear, concise explanation of what your job is and what your duties entail?

How about give some background on your workplace and its history should someone inquire?

Before you dive knee-deep into networking, you’ll want to have a comfortable and comprehensive understanding of how to answer these questions and more. Beyond that, you’ll want to be able to know those answers so well that you exude an air of certainty and confidence.

Do Your Homework

It’s important to research the company for which you work should you not be in business for yourself. If you do own your own business, think about what your mission is, what products and services you offer, and how you can be an asset to others who might be able to put those services to use. Also consider why you decided to get into your profession. It’s a great, personal story to relay to others you interact with in a networking situation and helps to put a face to your position and/or company.

Stand Out

No doubt, there are many other professionals offering similar services or holding positions like yours. Know what makes you different. Perhaps it’s even something not directly related to your job tasks. This could be volunteer opportunities you/your company is committed to to better the community when other industry counterparts aren’t doing the same. Maybe you hold and organize unique fundraising events at your business location. Consider what sets you apart.

Reap the Benefits

You know what they say – if you want to ace the test, you have to study and prepare. Heed the above advice before you start – or continue – your networking journey and you’ll be on the road to success. That means more recognition, more referrals, more businesses, and more success.