When you first set out your networking plan, or attended your first networking event, you surely had a goal – or several – in mind.

Perhaps it was to meet new people. Perhaps it was to grow your business. It may have been both!

Whether you’ve made one, or two, or two dozen connections in the past year, it’s important to recognize and be thankful for the new people in your life that you likely now call friends.

While any point during the year is great for showing appreciation, with the holidays upon us, now is the perfect time. Consider these gestures of gratitude…

  1. Send Thank You Cards. Handwritten cards and letters never go out of style. Consider how you feel when you receive one in the mail. They go above and beyond an electronic email message in conveying that you care.
  2. Have Flowers or Snacks Delivered. Know someone drowning in office work or with a busy retail space? While he or she might not have time to break away during this often-overwhelming season, a blooming bouquet or favorite treat may be just the pick-me-up he or she needs.
  3. Support Something Close to their Heart. Is your friend an advocate for animals needing a home? Does he or she volunteer with children or elderly individuals? If you know someone devoted to a particular cause, make a donation in his or her name. It will show you care, and that you pay attention, too.
  4. Take Time Out. Make plans with your friends to enjoy one of the many fun activities the holiday season brings. It could be a festive concert, a wreath-making workshop, or even a special lunch or dinner event.
  5. Shop with them. If your connections own retail or service-oriented businesses, be sure to support them during the holiday season by shopping with them! Consider those on your gift-giving list and see just what might be a natural fit.

Want to celebrate the holidays with us? Join us at our next get-together in December!