Whether you’re in the middle of a pandemic, or just plain busy at work or in life, it’s essential to carve out time for your future.

How? We’ve got some helpful suggestions!

Time Management

This is the most crucial tool you need in your arsenal. A lot of the struggle comes in finding what method works for you. Do you respond well to making to-do lists and crossing things off? Do you rank items by importance? Is your phone helpful is setting appointments?

Do a Self-Audit

Do you know where your time is really going? How much time do you spend reading email? Do you do it throughout the day or set times for it? Are you endlessly scrolling on social media? Are you purposely carving out time to take steps toward achieving a goal? Track how you are spending your time for seven consecutive days and you may be surprised with what you find. This will also help to reveal what you can let go of to add goal tackling time instead.

Complete Pressing Tasks First

It boils down to not procrastinating. If you have “must-dos” on a particular day, get them done first and early. This frees up your time and mental space as you won’t be thinking about what you have to do all day long.

Schedule Yourself

You may view binge-watching a series on Netflix as “you time,” but how is it serving you if it’s not leaving time for accomplishing a goal you’d really like to achieve? Self-care is taking care of your future self, too. Remember that.

Take Breaks

You make feel as though moving from one task to the next and crossing off all of your to-do list items equals success, but you may be burning yourself out in the process. Taking short breaks throughout the day for quick walks, to meditate and the like can work wonders for you mentally and to relieve stress, opening you up for time to be inspired.

Find a Mentor.

Do you know someone you admire for their drive and commitment to bettering themselves? Ask him or her to mentor you!

Come network with us and maybe you’ll discover a mentor or find some new inspiration! Learn more about Pagoda Business Network online at pagodabusinessassociation.com. We hope to see everyone in person, soon!