Are you a networking novice at a loss for where and how to get started?

We at Pagoda Business Association say: start by searching out professional organizations that are centered on your field of work – human resources, public relations, accounting – whatever it may be!

Once you’ve settled in and have developed a level of comfort with others practicing the same line of work, and if you want to expand your circle, there are plenty of places to search out networking opportunities.

Volunteer with Service Organizations

Perhaps an easy transition to meeting others outside of your profession is by working toward a common cause. Volunteer with a group near and dear to your heart and you’ll surely meet others that feel the same. Maybe you love animals and fundraising for a rescue organization or shelter is the fit; maybe you’re dedicated to at-risk youth and Big Brothers/Big Sisters would be a meaningful experience. If you like to work with your hands and have experience with trade work, Habitat for Humanity is a worthy nonprofit always in search of helping hands.

Networking Groups

Finally, there are networking specific groups like us – Pagoda Business Association. Not every group is the same, so you’ll want to learn a bit about each to see which suits your needs and personality. Asking for references from your local chamber of commerce is often a great starting point. Do you want to meet over lunch and discuss mostly business ventures? Do you want to join a group that volunteers together at functions? Looking for an organization that mixes things up and sets specific networking goals at each get-together with planned activities? Do your research and if you know someone involved, ask questions.

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