Ahhh…Summer. The kids are off of school. Vacation days are planned. Trips to the beach and ball games beckon. It’s a grand time.

But don’t sacrifice the networking connections you’ve made!

While many groups (like ours) take a break from traditional organized meet-ups during the summer months, building your network is a constantly evolving process. Consider keeping the momentum going in the following ways…

Do Lunch

Stay in touch with the connections you might not normally speak to on a day-to-day basis by planning a get-together over a meal. Outdoor cafes are great spots for enjoying sunshine and conversation.

Get Outdoors

Speaking of the sunshine, you might look to expand your network by attending fun group outdoor outings or by taking up a new volunteer effort. Think “Chamber Night” at your local baseball stadium, or helping out with one of many local walks or runs to aid area nonprofit organizations, perhaps even participate in a neighborhood clean-up.

Visit your Alma Mater

Many colleges and universities focus on planning events for alumni in summer months. Check in with your school to see what might be on their calendar. You might just get to reconnect with old college pals or even meet new friends with which you share a common bond.

Technology is your Friend

Finally, if you find yourself caught up in work, day trips and away trips, don’t forget to make the most of technology. Remember that email is your friend, as is your cell phone. Social media is helpful here too, just be sure to use it responsibly.

Above all else, remember that while networking is important, so is self-care. You’ll be at your best if you also schedule time to enjoy some “me” time. Plan time to connect, but also plan time to disconnect. Fire up that grill, grab a book and relax a bit.