Resolutions are often seen in a negative light nowadays, but goals are always on trend, year-round.

Heading into a new year and new decade, here are some to consider if you’re looking to stay on top of your networking game.

  1. Make the most of technology. Don’t fear it; use social media platforms to your advantage in this often-busy world. Just be sure to conduct yourself appropriately on the platform you’re using. Remember, how you interact is a reflection of you and of your business.
  2. Grab coffee. Social media cannot replace in-person interactions altogether. Make a point that, outside of set networking functions, you plan at least one independent, one-on-one meeting per month.
  3. Freshen up your media presence. Aside from utilizing sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, vow to review your profile information and make all necessary updates. Add those accolades you’ve earned! You may also want to delete information or photos you feel no longer pertain to the image you’d like to project.
  4. Join a cause. Looking for a new and meaningful way to network? Join a local non-profit with a mission that has meaning for you. There are countless organizations in the Greater Reading area and beyond looking for dedicated volunteers.
  5. Prioritize organization. Before you get lost in a sea of “to-dos,” find a way to make those responsibilities clear and not overwhelming. It could be investing in a date book, or simply practicing using to-do lists. Experiment and see which works for you.
  6. Take time for yourself. Sure, networking is a great thing for you and for your career. But heading into 2020 and beyond, self-care is still important. Be sure to pace yourself so you don’t burn out. Take the weekend off, truly. Make an appointment to play golf with friends during warmer months. Get a massage. A refreshed you is usually your best you.

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